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This is a wrapper template. It calls the {{infobox feature on celestial object}} template, passing parameters and/or hardcoded values to that template.


Feature type {{{type}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Coordinates 0°N 0°E / 0°N 0°E / 0; 0{{{coordinates_footnotes}}}
Length {{{length}}}
Width {{{width}}}
Diameter {{{diameter}}}
Depth {{{depth}}}
Surface area {{{area}}}
Dimensions {{{dimensions}}}
Peak {{{peak}}}
Discoverer {{{discoverer}}}
Naming {{{naming}}}
Eponym {{{eponym}}}
{{Infobox feature on Mars
|name       = 
|image      = 
|caption    = 
|type       = 
|coordinates= <!-- {{coord|latitude|NS|longitude|EW|globe:mars_type:landmark|display=inline,title}} -->
|coordinates_footnotes = <ref>citation</ref>
<!--Use only times from Mars24Win, which is acknowledged by NASA as reputable-->
|mean solar time =
|length     = 
|width      = 
|diameter   = 
|depth      = 
|area       = 
|dimensions = 
|peak       = 
|discoverer = 
|naming     = 
|eponym     = 

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