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in progress

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{{Match in progress}} (also known by the redirects {{Mip}}, {{Game in progress}}, and {{Gip}}) is a template used to identify scores and other information about matches and games that are currently in progress. Although live updates to unfinished matches are not in keeping with Wikipedia's purpose as an encyclopaedia, many editors like to provide them, and where this happens, use of this template makes the incomplete nature of the score clear to readers.

It produces this subscripted notation: in progress


The template is used in an article's sports match box template as the match or game is in progress.


Template:Football box
Insert in the score parameter[1]
| score = ''0 – 0''<br/>{{mip}}
Netherlands 0 – 0 in progress Spain
Insert in the score parameter[2]
| score = ''0 – 0''<br/>{{mip}}
23 February 2014
Sweden 0 – 0
in progress
 CanadaBolshoy Ice Dome, Sochi

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