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This "Museum of Babel" template is for creating a draft article with an infobox and other material based on Wikidata, particularly intended for items in museum collections. It may be useful for {{Wikidata list}} tables utilized by in-person and online edit-a-thon campaigns. Having an appropriate skeleton draft text preloaded with an image, a full infobox, and basic text in the article body can ease the formatting roadblock of new page creation.

|1 = Wikidata id

If the item already has an article on English Wikipedia, a link to that is displayed. If not, a red link to start a draft article is displayed, with a title disambiguated by the artist, or if there is none, by the collecting institution.

In the draft article, any time the formal parameter $1 appears in the text of page with text to be preloaded, it is replaced with the Wikidata id, and can be used to display particular properties, etc, through {{Wikidata}}. Usages of {{Wikidata}} will be substituted in the article body but not in the infobox.

This template is inspired by {{Preloaddraft}}, which does something analogous with article title, rather than Wikidata items.

Examples of use on {{Wikidata list}} tables: