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This template should only be used on talk pages.
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Intended for use on talk pages, this template identifies that another page was previously merged into the current article.



Name of article which was merged; must not be wikilinked.
Date which the article was merged (if known).
If the talk page is located in a different namespace (e.g. Wikipedia talk)
The target page, if not the subject page (e.g. for a merge to a talk page)


  • {{merged-from|foo|31 August 2016}} -- displays message that the current article was merged from foo


  • {{merged-from|foo}} -- displays message that foo was merged into the current article

The talk page link can be removed with the parameter |talk=no. Example:

  • {{merged-from|foo|talk=no}}

The talk page is in another namespace. Example:

  • {{merged-from|Wikipedia:foo|foo}}

Additionally, if the merge has been carried out as a result of an AfD, an optional |afd= parameter can be used to link to the discussion:

  • {{merged-from|article|date|afd=}}

See also

  • {{Merged-to}}, for the old article's talk page after a merge
  • {{Split to}}, for the new article's talk page after a split
  • {{Split from}}, for the old article's talk page after a split
  • {{Copied}}, combination of Split-to and Split-from templates
  • {{Talk page of redirect}}