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The Template:Metadata population AT-6 is one of a series of short population templates to get the population for each major region (city, district or town) in Austria (nation code "AT"). The specific prefix code "6" is the prefix for areas in the districts or towns of the Steiermark region.

1 - the region number (beginning with "6...")
2 - either "date" to get as-of date, or "source" to get source URL

All the templates in this set are designed to function in the same manner, to get the current population, of each major region, into each separate article. The use of central population lists, for each major area of a nation, allows the list of population counts to be more easily updated (and verified) each year, rather than needing to edit hundreds of town articles when the population figures are changed. In the reference sources, many population counts are listed together, so updating a central-list template is a similar way of maintaining the current counts.

The population entries listed in this template have been copied from the German Wikipedia:

That template contains a switch-list of data, such as to set "604 = 67046 <!--Bezirk Feldbach-->" for the population of Feldbach (district), Austria, when parameter {1} is passed as a population-code of 604.