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This is a navigation template for pages relating to the topic of Metalworking. It can be configured in multiple ways using parameters separated by a vertical pipe ( | ).

The parameter all builds the template with all five subpages.

The following parameters may be listed up to five deep in any combination. Adding open to any of these parameters, for example castopen, will cause the correlating subsection to be displayed uncollapsed.

  • cast or castopen includes the subpage on casting.
  • form or formopen includes the subpage on forming, fabrication, and finishing.
  • mach or machopen includes the subpage on machining and computer aided metalworking.
  • smith or smithopen includes the subpage on smithing.
  • tool or toolopen includes the subpage on tools.
  • weld or weldopen includes the subpage on welding.


{{Metalworking navbox}}

{{Metalworking navbox|all}} or {{Metalworking navbox|cast|form|mach|smith|tool|weld}}

{{Metalworking navbox|castopen|form}}

{{Metalworking navbox|cast|form|machopen|tool|weld}}


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