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Monsal Trail
to Buxton
Midland Railway
to Peak Forest
Topley Pike junction
Chee Tor Nº1 tunnel
Millers Dale
Millers Dale viaducts
Litton Tunnel (
516 yd
472 m
Cressbrook Tunnel (
471 yd
431 m
Monsal Dale
Headstone Viaduct
Headstone Tunnel (
533 yd
487 m
Great Longstone
Coombs Road viaduct
(end of trail)
Haddon Tunnel (
1058 yd
967 m
(proposed extension)
Rowsley South
Darley Dale
Matlock Riverside


This is a route-map template for the Monsal Trail, a cycle, horse riding and walking trail in the Derbyshire Peak District, the United Kingdom.


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