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Motor racing formula
Category {{{category}}}
Country or region {{{country/region}}}
Championships {{{championships}}}
Inaugural season [[w:Category:{{{inaugural}}} in motor racing|{{{inaugural}}}]]
Status {{{status}}}
Folded [[w:Category:{{{folded}}} in motor racing|{{{folded}}}]]
Current champions {{{current champions}}}


This infobox template is for use with motor racing formulae - such as Formula Three or Formula Ford - rather than the championships that use them. Formula-based championships should use the standard Template:Infobox motorsport championship.

Please include the type of car in the Category field: ie, touring cars or single-seaters. The Championships category can be used to list the championships that use (or have used) this formula, with line breaks. Wikilink where possible. If there are too many to list, just enter a number total, or enter see text.

See more motorsport templates at WikiProject Motorsport.

{{Infobox motorsport formula
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| country/region    = 
| championships     = 
| inaugural         = 
| status            = 
| folded            = 
| current champions =