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Recognized category types
Type Example category BC(E)? Example output
Season 2001–02 FA Cup No
TV season Futurama (season 1) episodes
Office term MEPs 2004–2009 No
Numerical range Taxonbars with 30–34 taxon IDs
Decade 2020s awards BC
Year 1999 in Scotland BC(E)
Year (condensed) Candidates in the 2000 United States presidential election
Ordinal (temporal) 2nd-century rabbis BC(E)
Ordinal (numeric) 5th Lok Sabha members
Ordinal (word) Fifth Dynasty of Egypt
Roman numeral Deputies of Legislature X of the Kingdom of Italy
Mixed decade 1760s in the Province of Quebec (1763–1791)
Mixed year 1763 establishments in the Province of Quebec (1763–1791)
  • 1758
  • 1759
  • 1760
  • 1761
  • 1762
  • 1763
  • 1764
  • 1765
  • 1766
  • 1767
  • 1768

Searching behavior

Multi-year seasons/office terms/numerical ranges are acceptable as long as the duration/range size remains constant, and no years/numbers are randomly skipped. The length of each duration/range is automatically determined from the originating category name, up to and including 10 years. MOS:DATERANGE compliance is preferred, but some deviation is allowed and tracked. {{Category redirect}}s are followed, and tracked for either MOS contravention (to be corrected) or for navigational aid (no error). The gap size between successive durations/ranges is also automatically determined, up to and including 5 years if a surrounding category is found, and defaults to 0 (e.g. 1995–961996–97).

Condensed year display is supported for presidential categories only (at the moment), for gaps up to and including 5 years, and defaults to 1.


  • Season/office term categories do not work for any years BC, which will be hidden, because no working examples were found.
  • Decade categories recognize BC, but not BCE, because no working examples were found.
  • Condensed year display is supported for presidential categories only, due to their consistency.
  • Condensed Olympics display is not supported due to inconsistencies; use {{Winter Olympics by year category navigation}}, etc., instead.
  • Ordinal words do not work above the ninety-ninth; no higher working examples found.
  • General: for large, permanent gaps between successive categories, or when the base category name changes, use {{Category pair}} in addition to {{Navseasoncats}} on both sides of the gap/name change. Even if {{Navseasoncats}} is isolated, it has the benefit of confirming the absence of nearby categories to the reader or maintainer.

Related CfDs


Typical usage
Specify a minimum and/or maximum year to display
To not automatically follow {{Category redirect}}s
Exceptional cases


To test the output of the template on a particular category name, use the |testcase= parameter, and |testcasegap= if necessary:

  • 1750
  • 1751
  • 1752
  • 1753
  • 1754
  • 1755
  • 1756
  • 1757
  • 1758
  • 1759
  • 1760

Tracking categories

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If the template encounters an issue, it displays an error message and/or places the category into one or more of the following tracking categories:

Maintenance required

Maintenance possible

Tracking only

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