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This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Ripley, George; Dana, Charles A. (eds.). The New American Cyclopedia. 

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The entries in the The New American Cyclopedia (1857 to 1866) can vary substantially from those in the later The American Cyclopedia" (1879) which is available on Wikisource, entries for the 1879 edition should use the template {{Cite AmCyc}}.


This template fills out the following parameters:

|editorlink=George Ripley (transcendentalist)
|editor2-first=Charles A.
|editorlink2=Charles Anderson Dana
|encyclopedia=The New American Cyclopedia

In addition the following parameters are available to be filled:


All the parameters can be set to other values

Hidden categories[edit]

This template has a hidden category Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the New American Cyclopedia

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