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Thank you for your effort at contributing to the Wikipedia, especially if you are a newcomer. The Wikipedia community owes its newcomers a lot, and continues to value this as per policy and per practice.

That said, the article you created at Example seems to be erroneously placed, as it seems to consist of information you give about yourself. Aimed at being an encyclopedia, Wikipedia's main (article) namespace is not generally the best place for this. In order to preserve the results of your effort for you, and since the article appears to be about you, I have moved it for you to your user space, which is the best location for a user's information about themselves in the first place.

If you really did mean to create an article about yourself, please be aware that this is often considered a bad idea, even if you do meet the guidelines for inclusion of biographies.

I know Wikipedia can be confusing for new editors, so you are welcome to ask for help at the help desk or on my talk page.

As a technical note (and please don't be put off by the grown elaborate nature of some parts of the expression of Wikipedia's rules - as you will soon find out, they're by no means all that technical), as per Wikipedia standards and principles (available from e.g. here), an autobiographic article is usually eligible for deletion without further discussion under criterion A7 in the criteria for speedy deletion as an article about a real person that does not assert the importance or significance of its subject. Colliding with this criterion is considered a common mistake to avoid.

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This template is designed for use on user Talk pages when userfying autobiographies created as articles in the main encyclopedia.

Please subst this template as follows: {{subst:nn-userfy|original article title}}

Don't forget to sign with ~~~~

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(02/2010) Nothing changed technically, but repackaged the contents and wording into lingo somewhat more newbie-friendly and encouraging, having sounded still somewhat legalese and WP:CRYPTIC before.