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  • This template is not part of any project, nor in any procedure. It is informal, and meant to commend editors for pleasant and good-humored non-article edits. (Jokes are not appropriate in actual articles; malicious jokes are not appropriate anywhere.)
  • Please remember to substitute the template using {{subst:Nohumor/doc}} rather than {{Nohumor/doc}}.
  • This template uses a parser function. To give greater detail to your message, you may add the article name and some additional text to the end of the template in this manner, {{subst:Nohumor/doc|Non-article page|Additional text}}.
  • This template inserts your signature by default (as you would put ~~~~ inside the box). To prevent it from doing so, set the (optional) parameter sig to n: {{subst:Nohumor/doc|Non-article page|Additional text|sig=n}}.
  • Optional parameters:
  • |diff=. (Use as in {{subst:nohumor|diff=http://...}}).
  • |nohumour= British spelling (Use as in {{subst:nohumor|nohumour=yes}}).