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Numeric Type[a][b] (Unicode character property)
Numeric type Code Has Numeric Value Example Remarks
Not numeric None No
  • A
  • X (Latin)
  • !
  • Д
  • μ
Numeric Value="NaN"
Decimal De Yes
  • 0
  • 1
  • 9
  •  (Devanagari 6)
  •  (Kannada 6)
  • 𝟨 (Mathematical, styled sans serif)
Straight digit (decimal-radix). Corresponds both ways with General Category=Nd[a]
Digit Di Yes
  • ¹ (superscript)
  •  (digit with full stop)
Decimal, but in typographic context
Numeric Nu Yes
  • ¾
  •  (Tamil number ten)
  •  (Roman numeral)
  •  (Han number 6)
Numeric value, but not decimal-radix
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b. ^ "Unicode 9.0 Derived Numeric Types". Unicode Character Database. Unicode Consortium. 2016-03-02. 
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Numeric Type is a Unicode character property specified in DerivedNumericType.txt in the Unicode Character Database.


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