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This template should not be substituted.

{{Old merge full
| otherpage = 
| date = 
| result = 
| talk = 
| URL = 
  • otherpageRequired. The target page for the proposed merge.
  • date — Date of nomination. If left blank or not included, defaults to "in the past"
  • result — Cannot be left blank. If not included, defaults to "Keep" The tempate bolds results such as Merge, No consensus, etc. so there is no need to add ''' around the terms.
  • talk — If left blank or not included, defaults to "{{TALKPAGENAME}}#Merger proposal"; otherwise, include "talk:" as part of the entry as in talk=talk:example.
  • URL — To account for merge discussion archiving, add a permanent link to the discussion using |URL=

{{Old merge full |otherpage=Wikipedia:Example|date= 16 March 2012|result=Merge|talk=talk:Example#Merge|URL=//en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Occupy_Marines&oldid=493011986#Merge}}


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