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Once an administrator or uninvolved experienced editor has declined a CSD tagging, an article should not again be tagged for speedy deletion—at least not under the same criterion, which is considered "admin shopping" if intentionally done to circumvent the first decline by seeking a second admin who may be willing, where the first was not. This template thus attempts to inform both taggers and admins of a decline under a specific speedy deletion criterion and (optionally), the reason therefor. Because many CSD taggers will have the tagged article on their watchlist after their initial tagging, and is the most likely person to re-tag an article, the edit summary used when placing this template is very important.

Suggested edit summary: {{oldcsd}}: The CSD tag placed on this article has been declined by an admin; this article should not be tagged again under the same criterion


This template takes three parameters

  1. 1st mandatory parameter: the CSD subsection the article was tagged under which was declined, i.e., A7, G1, G11, A9, A3, etc.
  2. 2nd optional parameter: The reason the CSD tag was declined.
  3. 3rd optional parameter: The username of the editor/administrator who declined the CSD tag.


{{oldcsd|CSD subsection|reason for decline|username}}

This template should not be substituted.

Specific example: {{oldcsd|A7|the article cites to reliable sources, which is an indication of importance|ExampleUser}} produces:

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