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This article includes a subtopic, [[#{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]. For related topical usage, see [[{{{2}}}]].
Template documentation


This template is similar in use to Template:Main article. However, that template is typically placed within a subtopic.

In contrast, this template is designed for the top of the page. It is useful when the page contains a subtopic that is a dominant feature of the article -- but which treated fully in its own article, or the subtopic is often confused with a similar term that has a separate article.

It helps the reader, especially when the reader searched for terms that matched the subtopic, and then arrives at the top of the article... and has to read down to the subtopic before finding the relevant information. The reader may very well give up before getting there. If you expect that to happen for a particular subtopic, let this template call it out. It will help by directly linking to the subtopic section and by linking to the in-depth or alternative definition article.

A example (real articles, but not in actual use of the template):

  • There is an article Scotch whisky. It includes a subtopic Whisky regions.
  • There is another article called Scotland which is somewhat related to the Whisky regions section, as Whisky regions covers geographical Scotland where there is Whisky production
  • The Whisky regions subtopic is a significant aspect of Scotch. However, it is near the bottom, and a casual reader might have trouble finding it, and would certainly not connect it to general Scotch geography, and therefore miss the connection.

By adding... {{OtherusesSubtopic|Whisky regions|Scotland}} ..the reader has a quick link to the prominent section, and to the related article. It results in:

This article includes a subtopic, Whisky regions. For related topical usage, see Scotland.