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0 Points 0
Legs Points
1 {{{M1P1}}} {{{M1leg1}}} {{{M1points1}}}
{{{M1P2}}} {{{M1leg2}}} {{{M1points2}}}
2 {{{M2P1}}} {{{M2leg1}}} {{{M2points1}}}
{{{M2P2}}} {{{M2leg2}}} {{{M2points2}}}
3 {{{M3P1}}} {{{M3leg1}}} {{{M3points1}}}
{{{M3P2}}} {{{M3leg2}}} {{{M3points2}}}
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Code for the template:

{{PDC World Cup box
|points= <!-- yes, it total points are needed in the match -->
|sudden= <!-- yes, if the match needs a sudden death leg to decide the winner -->
|playersd= <!-- players winning the sudden death leg -->
|nextround= <!-- winner advances to this round, in the final use the word "champion" -->

See also[edit]

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