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Illustration by William Russell Flint
An illustration for the Gilbert and Sullivan play Princess Ida, completed by William Russell Flint (1880–1969) for the 1909 printing of Savoy Operas, a compilation of four Gilbert and Sullivan works. Flint began illustrating at age 14, working as an apprentice lithographer while studying at the Royal Institute of Art, Edinburgh. After a time as a medical illustrator, Flint found work with The Illustrated London News. He produced several literary illustrations, including for the Savoy Operas and a 1912 edition of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.

This illustration depicts the start of the literal battle between the sexes at the end of Act II. The titular Princess Ida has imprisoned Prince Hilarion (who had snuck into her women's college, disguised as a female), and his father sends soldiers to batter down the gate in order to rescue him.

See another illustrationIllustration: William Russell Flint; restoration: Adam Cuerden

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