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This template is designed to be used primarily on WikiProjects to easily and quickly identify the status of articles to other members. It can be used to alert other members of nominations regarding articles, or to flaunt achievements such as which articles are Featured. The template is designed to work with multiple calls that list off the relevant articles.

The template can handle these page statuses:

  • Featured Article (FA)
  • Good Article (GA)

...and these nomination/discussion statuses:

  • Featured Article Candidate (FAC)
  • Good Article Candidate (GAC/GAN)
  • Featured Article Review (FAR)
  • Good Article Review (GAR)
  • Call for Peer Review (PR)
  • Proposed Merger (Merge)
  • Article for Deletion (AFD)
  • Other (Other)


{{PageStatus | <article name> | <article status> | optional <date promoted> }}
Article Status 
This can be any one of several short-hands to refer to the status. The phrase/acronym you choose to identify the status will also be shown in the output. Use "AfD" if you want it to look neat, but "Article for Deletion" will work just as well.
Date Promoted  
You must provide the date promoted for the template to recognise the article's status as promoted rather than under discussion. The date promoted should be provided in the form "YYYY-MM-DD".


Information.svg None at the time.
Symbol support vote.svg None at the time.
Emblem-important.svg Example (talk) – needs attention.
Featured article star.svg Example – promoted on 2008-12-12.
Cscr-candidate.svg Example (talk) – FA.
Cscr-candidate.svg Example (talk) – FAC.
Stop x nuvola.svg Example (talk) – AfD.
Stop x nuvola.svg Example (talk) – deletion.
Nuvola apps kedit.png Example (talk) – PR.
Merge-arrow.svg Example (talk) – merge proposed.
Merge-arrow.svg Example (talk) – merge into Test.
Symbol support vote.svg Example – promoted on 2008-12-12.
GA candidate.svg Example (talk) – GA.
{{PageStatus|Example|Good Article Candidate}}
GA candidate.svg Example (talk) – Good Article Candidate.
Cscr-star piece.png Example (talk) – FAR.
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Example (talk) – GAR.
{{PageStatus|Example|seriously awful article}}
Emblem-important.svg Example (talk) – seriously awful article.

Example of use on WikiProject[edit]

====Articles with Featured Article Status====

{{PageStatus|200 (Stargate SG-1)|FA|2008-02-04}}

====Lists with Featured List Status====

{{PageStatus|List of Stargate SG-1 episodes|Featured|2006-06-06}}

====Articles with Good Article Status====

{{PageStatus|Stargate SG-1|GA|2006-09-26}}
{{PageStatus|Zero Hour (Stargate SG-1)|GA|2008-01-27}}
{{PageStatus|Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1)|GA|2008-02-17}}
{{PageStatus|Vala Mal Doran|GA|2008-05-07}}

====Current nominations and proposals====

{{PageStatus|Goa'uld language|Merge|into=Goa'uld}}
{{PageStatus|Supergate (Stargate)|Merge|into=Stargate (device)}}
{{PageStatus|Iris (Stargate)|Merge|into=Tau'ri technology in Stargate#Iris}}
{{PageStatus|Dial-Home Device|Missing Notability}}
{{PageStatus|DNA Resequencer|Missing Notability}}

WikiProject Stargate Snapshot[edit]

Articles with Featured Article Status[edit]

Featured article star.svg 200 (Stargate SG-1) – promoted on 2008-02-04.

Lists with Featured List Status[edit]

Featured article star.svg List of Stargate SG-1 episodes – promoted on 2006-06-06.

Articles with Good Article Status[edit]

Symbol support vote.svg Stargate SG-1 – promoted on 2006-09-26.
Symbol support vote.svg Stargate – promoted on 2006-11-28.
Symbol support vote.svg Zero Hour (Stargate SG-1) – promoted on 2008-01-27.
Symbol support vote.svg Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1) – promoted on 2008-02-17.
Symbol support vote.svg Vala Mal Doran – promoted on 2008-05-07.

Current nominations and proposals[edit]

Merge-arrow.svg Goa'uld language (talk) – merge into Goa'uld.
Merge-arrow.svg Supergate (Stargate) (talk) – merge into Stargate (device).
Merge-arrow.svg Iris (Stargate) (talk) – merge into Tau'ri technology in Stargate#Iris.
Emblem-important.svg Dial-Home Device (talk) – Missing Notability.
Emblem-important.svg DNA Resequencer (talk) – Missing Notability.