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How to manage this template's collapsible groups/sections option
  • This template includes collapsible groups/sections. When it first appears, one of these groups/sections may be set to be visible ("expanded") while the others remain hidden ("collapsed") apart from their titlebars. To achieve this, include the parameter |name where name is one of the following words that identify the groups/sections (omit any speech or quotation marks):
    • main
    • skeptic
    • related
    • para
    • all
  • For example: {{Paranormal |related}}


Place this template at or near the top of an article that is listed in the template. Use one of the above name values to expand the section in which the article is listed. If a similar navbar is used at the bottom of an article, then a consensus should be garnered on the article's talk page to determine which template may be used.

Template with image[edit]

To apply an image with a caption in this template use the following code:

|image   = EXAMPLE.jpg
|size    = #px
|caption = This is the caption
|image   = Medium-Eva-Carriere-1912.jpg
|size    = 140px
|caption = [[Mediumship|Medium]] [[Eva Carrière]] photographed in 1912 with a light appearing between her hands