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This template is used to offer a peace pipe in order to promote WikiLove. It can be used on the talkpage of someone you have had disagreements with in the past or a good friend who just likes to smoke.

This template should always be substituted. Template Peacepipe is a redirect to this template.

{{subst:peace pipe
| recipient =
| message = 
  • recipient: Optional. Fill in the name of the person that you want to offer a peace pipe.
  • message: Optional end message.

Example 1[edit]

Note: The examples below are not substituted, but normally the 3 tildes (~~~) will be replaced with your signature (or ipadress).

{{subst:peace pipe}}

Result 1:

Example 2: Including a recipient[edit]

{{subst:peace pipe|Jimbo Wales}}

Example 3: Including a recipient and a message[edit]

{{subst:peace pipe|Jimbo Wales|This peace pipe is filled with [[marijuana]].}}

Result 3:

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