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This template is a wrapper for a number of legends, each called a theme, used in periodic tables. Examples of themes are: category, block, state of matter. Each theme can have individual settings for that theme, for example to show "predicted" or "unknown".


The wrapper itself can have settings:

{{Periodic table legend
|child=yes/no (no: stand alone table; default=yes: inside another table, usually the PT table)
|caption= (text to appear as caption for the legend block)
|style= (set style)

All parameters looks like:

{{Periodic table legend


<!-- (N = 1, 2, 3, 4) -->


{{Periodic table legend
|caption=Example legend with three themes

|theme2=State of matter|predicted2=no|sa2=yes|eka-sa2=no|unknown2=yes


The following themes are recognised (note: the caption links are added here for ease)


|text1=This is the legend theme "Category".

Category compact[edit]

|theme1=Category compact

State of matter[edit]

|theme1=State of matter









Age of discovery[edit]

|theme1=Age of discovery



Janet left step[edit]

|caption=Janet category compact
|theme1=Janet category compact

Example articles[edit]

Theme description text options[edit]

  • It is possible to override or suppress the theme description using |text1=:
|text1=My personal text → description as entered
|text1= (blank) → no description at all
| (omitted) → default description ("category metal–nonmetal ragne")


improvements to ponder
  • Check (remove) repeated %-fonts (may be too small in the end - recently introduced?)
  • Subpages are spelled using ..., so we can have /Category and /Category/sandbox.
  • Always allow /sandbox systematically (change spellings?)
  • /sandbox has link to source template; live one too by option
  • Warn for "predicted"= unnumebred too

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