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To-do list for Post-it large:

This is example text for the large Post-it template.

  • Example Item 1
  • Example Item 2
  • Example Item 3
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This template is intended for use on user pages as a little way to keep track of what users still need to do.


This template can be used by placing {{Post-it large}} on your userpage.

Once you put that code on the page, create a subpage of the page you placed the template on called "post_it".

For instance, if you placed the template on page User:Example then you would need a subpage User:Example/post_it.

A refresh action (modeled after {{To do}}) has been added; clicking the refresh icon will purge the page and update the to-do list if you see changes to it aren't showing up.


  • {{Post-it large}} – the regular post-it
  • {{Post-it large|list=anything}} – uses the subpage /anything instead of /post_it
  • {{Post-it large|float=left}} – set to left to make the post-it float left (appears on the left-hand side of the screen)
  • {{Post-it large|label=whatever}} – changes the label at the top of the post-it to the text "whatever". Perhaps you want it to say "Articles I want to create later:"


  • Originally, the code for all the templates included "<div style="clear:both">" as part of the standard installation. That has been removed, so text can now run alongside the post-it note. If you don't want this, use the template {{clear}} template before the post-it to show nothing to its side.
  • If the page /post_it doesn't exist, and aren't sure how to create it, follow this link: Special:MyPage/post_it. This will lead you to a screen that says "this page does not exist". Hit "Create source", and save.
  • Complaint? Request? Meteor sandwich yum (talk) currently maintains the script.

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