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LONDON post town map, showing postcode districts, post towns and neighbouring postcode areas.AL postcode areaBR postcode areaCM postcode areaCR postcode areaDA postcode areaE postcode areaEC postcode areaEN postcode areaHA postcode areaIG postcode areaKT postcode areaN postcode areaNW postcode areaRM postcode areaSE postcode areaSM postcode areaSW postcode areaTW postcode areaUB postcode areaW postcode areaWC postcode areaWD postcode area
LONDON post town map, showing postcode districts in red and the single post town in grey text for E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W and WC London postcode areas, with links to nearby BR, CM, CR, DA, EN, HA, IG, KT, RM, SM, TW, UB and WD postcode areas.
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This template displays an imagemap of the postcode districts and post towns in the London postal district or one of the 121 United Kingdom postcode areas (AB to ZE, including BT but excluding the non-UK Crown dependencies of GY, IM and JE).

The maps used are File:LONDON post town map.svg and File:AB postcode area map.svg to File:ZE postcode area map.svg. The template overlays each map with polygons corresponding to the adjoining postcode areas. This causes a tooltip and link for the relevant postcode area article to appear when users hover the mouse over an area on the map outside the subject area.


Basic usage:

{{Postcode area imagemap | map=... }}

Extended usage:

{{Postcode area imagemap | map=... | size=... | location=... }}


The name of the area:
  • where "en" is the postcode area name, one of
    • XX
    • XX postcode area
  • or one of
    • LONDON
    • London
    • LONDON post town
    • London post town
    • LONDON postal district
    • London postal district
Optional image size, specifying the maximum width and/or height, one of:
  • maxwidthpx
  • xmaxheightpx
  • maxwidthxmaxheightpx
(see Wikipedia:Extended image syntax#Size for syntax details)
Defaults to 500x500px
Each of the unscaled SVG image files on Wikimedia Commons has the longer side equal to 1000 pixels. So the thickness of lines on two imagemaps from this template will be the same if their longer sides are the same length. But the size of the label text varies because of the greatly varying size of different postcode districts and post towns.
Optional horizontal thumbnail alignment, one of:
  • none for non-wrapping left-aligned
  • center for non-wrapping centre-aligned
  • left for wrapping left-aligned
  • right for wrapping right-aligned
Defaults to none

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