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{{Proposed deletion endorsed}} should be used when you want to make clear that you confirm the reasoning of the initial prodder or have additional prod reasons not listed by the initial prodder. The use of a second prod may aid the deleting admin in making a decision as to whether to delete the double prodded article at the expiration of a prod. In addition, the use of a second prod may give some information to anyone who might wish to remove the prod, including the author. A 2nd clear voice may help an author to decide that an unlikely article should be abandoned to being deleted.

  • {{Proposed deletion endorsed|comment}} will add a comment with the prod.

This template will categorize articles into Category:Endorsed proposed deletions.

Consider adding an {{Oldprodfull}} tag to the article's discussion page as documentation should it be contested.

This template takes an optional comment.

{{Proposed deletion endorsed|comment=I just wanted to add that bla bla}} renders:

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