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Project Chanology, also called Operation Chanology, is a protest against the Church of Scientology by the Internet-based group Anonymous. Project Chanology also refers to a website of the same name, used by the group to chronicle ongoing and planned actions by Anonymous, who state they are "everyone and everywhere", with "no leaders". The project was started in response to the Church of Scientology's attempts to remove material from an exclusive promotional interview with Scientologist Tom Cruise from the Internet in January 2008.

Project Chanology protests, April 12, 2008
City State Country Protesters Min Max
Amsterdam Netherlands N/A[1]
Auckland New Zealand 20[2] 20 20
Berlin Germany N/A[3] • 50[4][5] • 100[6] 50 100
Biloxi Mississippi United States N/A[7]
Birmingham England 70[8] 70 70
Boston Massachusetts United States N/A[9] • 150[10] 150 150
Clearwater Florida United States 100[11] • 135[12] • 200[13] 100 200
DeKalb County Georgia United States 200[14] 200 200
Halifax Nova Scotia Canada N/A[15]
London England N/A[16][15] • 300[17][18] 300 300
Madison Wisconsin United States N/A[9]
Milwaukee Wisconsin United States N/A[19]
Minneapolis Minnesota United States 50[20] • 95[21] 50 95
New York City New York United States N/A[22]
Paris France N/A[23]
Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States N/A[9][24] • 100[25] 100 100
Seattle Washington United States N/A[26]
Sydney New South Wales Australia N/A[27][16][15]
Toronto Ontario Canada N/A[28][29][16][15]
Vancouver British Columbia Canada 30[30] 30 30
Washington, D.C. District of Columbia United States 40–50[9] 40 50
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada N/A[16][15]
Total number of protesters 4600–5600[5][31] 4600 5600
Note: Only protests in cities covered by reliable sources, such as news media, are included in this table. Any mentioned numbers correspond with the figures given in the cited sources; actual turnouts may have varied. N/A indicates that the specified source(s) covered the protest in that city, but did not give a figure for the number of protesters present.
This list may be incomplete. Revisions and additions cited with reliable and verifiable sources are welcome. To contribute, visit Template:Project Chanology protests, April 12, 2008 (talk).


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