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Interaction of Wikipedia user groups and page protection levels
  Unregistered or Newly registered Auto-confirmed, Confirmed Extended confirmed Pending changes reviewer*** Admin Appropriate for
(See also: Wikipedia:Protection policy)
None normal editing (can edit; changes go live* immediately) The vast majority of pages
Pending-protection-shackle.svgPending changes can edit but changes don't go live* until reviewer acceptance normal editing but if there are previous pending changes, no changes go live* until the pending changes have been reviewed normal editing**
and can accept pending changes
Infrequently edited articles with high levels of vandalism or BLP violations from unregistered and new users
Semi-protection-shackle.svgSemi cannot edit normal editing Articles with high levels of vandalism or edit warring from unregistered and new users; some highly visible templates & modules
Extended-protection-shackle.svgExtended confirmed cannot edit normal editing Specific topic areas authorized by Arbcom; pages subject to persistent disruption that semi-protection has failed to stop
Template-protection-shackle.svgTemplate cannot edit (unless Template editor, in which case normal editing) normal editing High-risk templates & modules
Full-protection-shackle.svgFull cannot edit Articles with persistent vandalism or edit warring from extended confirmed accounts; critical templates & modules
* "Go live" means the changes become visible to readers who are not logged in to Wikipedia. In all cases throughout this table, changes are immediately visible to readers who are logged in.

** When an administrator or pending changes reviewer edits an article that has pending changes awaiting review, they must review the pending changes in order for their own edit(s) to go live.
*** This column assumes that a pending changes reviewer is also extended confirmed. (A pending changes reviewer needs the separate extended confirmed right to edit through extended confirmed protection; in practice nearly all pending changes reviewers will have the extended confirmed right.)
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This is {{Protection table}}, intended to show the effects of protection on an article.