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Failed "good article" nomination

Upon its review on July 28, 2017, this good article nomination was quick-failed because it:

has been the subject of recent ongoing edit wars or is the subject of a future event

thus making it ineligible for good article consideration.

This article did not receive a thorough review, and may not meet other parts of the good article criteria. I encourage you to remedy this problem (and any others) and resubmit it for consideration. If you feel that this review is in error, feel free to take it to a Good article reassessment. Thank you for your work so far.

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Usage summary[edit]

{{subst:QF-unstable}}— ~~~~

With optional closing comments:

{{subst:QF-unstable|comments = <!-- OPTIONAL --> }}— ~~~~

See also[edit]

  • {{QF-NPOV}}—for articles that lack neutrality
  • {{QF-tags}}—for articles that contain cleanup tags
  • {{QF-source}}—for articles with too few references