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This template provides a simple countdown. The automatic default for the RFC bot is to let an RFC stay open for 30 days, so this has been taken as the default run time.

Warning: The figures may only update when a page is purged. Consequently, this template may be of limited use for a rarely updated talk page.


{{RFC countdown| date RFC started | total run time in days | RFC}}

Only the first parameter is mandatory and should be set to the date the RFC was raised. The date should be in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".

The optional total run time defaults to 30 and may be set to any number.

The optional third parameter displays "This RFC will close in <n> days." only if the parameter equals "RFC".

Example 1 code
{{RFC countdown|2009-07-16}} days left.
Example 1 result (on 25 July 2009)

20 days left.

Example 2 code
{{RFC countdown|2009-07-16|30|RFC}}
Example 2 result (on 25 July 2009)

This RFC will close in 20 days.