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This is a member of the RJLUKxxx family of templates. The full list can be found in Category:Road junction list templates.

This initiates the table for British road junction lists. It does not produce any visible output.



This template does not take any parameters.


The templates that are used in a typical British Road Junction list are:

{{RJLUK}} - no parameters
{{RJLUKhdr|parameters ...}} - parameters to set up the RJL header (road name, road type, options etc.).
{{RJLUKkm|p1|p2}} - Accepts location marker post/driver location sign information in km, converts to miles and outputs both.
{{RJLUKfooter|parameters...}} - Option parameters ony

In addition, {{RJLUKfooter}} uses the template {{RJLUKDLSnotice}}


Footnotes can be generated anywhere in the table using the construction <ref group=n> ... footnote text ... </ref>.

Footnotes are also generated automatically if the distances parameter is set to "Y" in the template {{RJLUKDLShdr}}. In such cases, the distances parameter in {{RJLUKDLSfooter}} must also be set to "Y" in the template {{RJLUKDLSnotice}}.

Footnotes are listed from within the template {{RJLUKDLSfooter}} if either the distances or the notes parameter is set to "Y" from within that template. The actual listing of the footnotes is done by the template {{RJLUKDLSnotice}} to "Y".

Known bug - If carriageways are specified in RJLUKhdr with out the distances parameter being set to "Y", then an error will result unless the parameter notes in RJLUKfooter is set to "Y".

Colour key[edit]

These are the principal colours used in or generated by the {{RJLUKxxx}} family of templates.

Scope Color Use Notes
RJL-wide colour scheme #d3d3d3 Closed Previously complete and open, but now closed (temp. or perm.)
#ffdead Unopened Interchange being constructed, not yet open to traffic
#ffdddd No access Some ramps/movements missing
#ddffdd Concurrency terminus
UK-specific colours
1st colour is background
2nd colour is lettering
Motorways Used for table headers and classification transitions
#00703c/#ffd200 Primary road Used for table headers and classification transitions
Secondary road Used for table headers and classification transitions