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This is a member of the RJLUKxxx family of templates. The full list can be found in Category:Road junction list templates.

This template accepts the chainage for British Road Junction Lists (RJL) in kilometres, converts the input to miles and outputs both as part of a table suitable for inclusion in "km" and "miles" column of a British RJL (fields are blank in the above example).


{{RJLUKkm | p1 | p2 |rowspan = N }}

The two parameters are:

  • p1: The first input.
  • p2: The second input.
  • rowspan = : An optional parameter: N can take the values "2" or "3" which inserts "rowspan = N" into the distance cells. If the parameter is omitted, N defaults to 1.

Either or both unnamed inputs can be blank (denoting "unknown") or can be a character such as "-" to denote "absent". If the template has no parameters, then it will generate blank columns.