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List new technical requests at the top of Wikipedia:Requested moves' sub-section Uncontroversial technical requests (on sub-page Wikipedia:Requested moves/Technical requests, which is transcluded into Wikipedia:Requested moves).

Place the following code on that page:

{{subst:RMassist|current page name|requested new name|reason= reason for move}}

This will automatically insert a bullet and include your signature. No edits to the article's talk page are required.

To opt out of discussion, if the request is contested

Use the code |discuss=no if you prefer to withdraw the request if it is contested, rather than discuss it. This will suppress the "discuss" link which may be used to convert your request to a discussion on the talk page of the page which is requested to be moved.

Deprecated parameters

Error messages

If not used as intended, this template may return one of the following error messages. These are not reported at Wikipedia:Requested moves (WP:RM). Some of the error messages are from the subtemplate {{RMassist/core}}. Instructions as to how to use this template are given in WP:RM's Requesting technical moves section. If help is still required, post a question at Wikipedia talk:Requested moves.

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