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Leigh Rayment's list of baronets

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This template is used to access Leigh Rayment's List of Baronets on Leigh Rayment's Peerage Pages

With just a |date=month year parameter this template links to that web site. But this template also takes three optional parameters.

There is one named parameter called |external links= which should be set to "1" if this template is being used in an "External links" or a "Further reading" section of an article. It will turn off the two messages warning that this is a [self-published source?] and [better source needed].

Leigh Rayment's List of Baronets are listed by name of the baronetage of England, Ireland, Nova Scotia, Great Britain and the United Kingdom placed under and then a page name consisting of baronets followed by the first letter of the baronetage and then the part number. So baronets starting with an "A" and in part "1" are at, and constituencies starting with an "S" on page 2 are at and so on. Some baronetages such as those starting with the letter "V" are all on one page without a part number

This template takes one or two unnamed parameters in the order first letter of the constituency and then part (Whether they come before or after the named parameter external links=1 does not matter). So the two examples above would be entered like this:

All four together like this:

and without a part number like this:


This places articles into several hidden sub-categories of

The sub-categories are:

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