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    This template simplifies the creation and maintenance of the "Related portals" box within portal pages. It creates a list of 1 to 30 clickable links to related portals.

    Also consider the template {{Related portals2}}, which is easier to use and works better on narrow screens.


    • portalcount—Required; the number of portal links in the list. The template supports up to 30.
    • size—Optional; the size of each portal image. This defaults to 60×60px which seems about right.
    • per row—Optional; the maximum number of portal links before wrapping to a new row. On small screens, links will wrap sooner, if needed. If omitted, links will only wrap when needed.
    • These must be followed by pairs of unnamed parameters:
      • An image name, with no "File:" or "Image:" prefix. Optional; if blank then a default image will be used.
      • The name of the portal to be linked to, with no "Portal:" prefix.

    If the portal name is too long to display neatly, then consider creating a redirect from a shorter name to the portal page, and using that shorter name in the list passed to this template.


    {{Related portals|portalcount=5|per row=5
    | Apple Campus One Infinite Loop Sign.jpg     | Apple Inc.
    | Circle of spam.svg                          | Computer security
    | <!-- Let's pretend this was deleted -->     | Computer science
    | Desktop computer clipart - Yellow theme.svg | Information technology
    | Wave.svg                                    | Java

    Default image[edit]

    The default portal image name is found using Module:Portal. Please see Module:Portal#Image for instructions on how to add, update, or remove a default image.

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