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The following discussion is preserved as an archive of a request for adminship that did not succeed. Please do not modify it.
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This template is used to close a Request for adminship (RfA) that has failed.

Note: Similar to non-administrators closing deletion discussions, Requests for adminship can be closed by non-bureaucrats in certain cases; for example if the user has withdrawn the request or the outcome is very unlikely to be positive (see WP:NOTNOW). Non-bureaucrats should be very careful in the latter case and only close RfAs when they are not in doubt. In such cases the requesting user should always be asked to consider withdrawal first.

Also, please review RfX closing procedures.


Place the {{subst:rfaf}} template at the very top of the RfA page, and then place {{subst:rfab}} at the bottom of the RfA page.

IMPORTANT: You must use {{subst:rfaf}} and {{subst:rfab}} templates in concert with the {{subst:finaltally}} template.


===[[Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Example|Example]]===

{{User|Example}} – I nominate this exemplary editor for Adminship due to their excellent contributions to the project. {{User|Example2}}

:''Candidate, please indicate acceptance of the nomination here:'' I humbly accept this nomination for Adminship. [[User:Example|Example]] ([[User talk:Example|talk]])

====Questions for the candidate====

====General comments====

* Links for Example: {{usercheck-short|Example}}
* Edit summary usage for Example can be found <span class="plainlinks">[https://xtools.wmflabs.org/editsummary/en.wikipedia.org/Example here]</span>.

{{RfA/RfB Toolbox|Example}}

# '''Support''' – This candidate RULZ!!1! -{{User|Example4}}

# '''Opppose''' – This candidate is insufficiently qualified for Adminship, based on their ''extremely'' low edit count. --{{User|Example3}}

# '''Neutral''' – Moral support. But I don't think you're ready yet. {{User|Example5}}


Would produce:

See also[edit]

  • {{Rfap}} For closing RfAs that passed. – NOTE: Only to be used by BUREAUCRATS, not by regular editors or Admins.
  • {{Rfah}} For closing RfAs that are (temporarily) put on hold by Bureaucrats. – NOTE: Only to be used by BUREAUCRATS, not by regular editors or Admins.