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This template is used as an individual row for RfA closure, either successful or unsuccessful.


A single call to Rfarow is used to display the candidate, the counter for the candidate's RfA attempt, result, tally (support/oppose/neutral), date of closure, and who closed the request.


|1: username (no link; it will be generated)
|2: (OPTIONAL) RfA number (optional; use when greater than 1)
|3: Date (closing date)
|4: Result (usually one of: promoted/pass/p (these three do not generate an extra table cell, for use on successful page), fail, unsuccessful, withdrawn, [[WP:SNOW]], [[WP:NOTNOW]] - anything passed other than first three is displayed as-is; do not use pipes!)
|5: (OPTIONAL) Support (optional; number of supports)
|6: (OPTIONAL) Oppose (optional; number of opposes)
|7: (OPTIONAL) Neutral (optional; number of neutrals)
|8: Closed by (closing editor; no link - will be generated)
|9: (OPTIONAL) Closed by displayname (display name of closing editor) - 

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