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This template will categorize articles into Category:Redirects for discussion. This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.


To the top of a redirect page, add:


and to the bottom, add:


This template must be placed surrounding the redirect; otherwise, the page will redirect as normal and users of the redirect will not be informed of the nomination.

Group nomination

To include a group nomination, just add the name of the heading on the Redirects for discussion page after a pipe.

{{subst:rfd|<group heading>|content=

Adding to previous nomination

At the top of the redirect that is added to an existing discussion add:

{{subst:Rfd|1=< section header >|days=N|content=

...where "N" is a number to be subtracted from the current date. For example, if a redirect was proposed for discussion three days ago, and today another redirect is added to that discussion, set |days=3. Also, place the full section header that appears on the Redirects for discussion page in the first parameter, |1=< section header > to provide a link to the correct discussion in the Rfd notice. If the discussion has been relisted, use the date of the relisting not the date of nomination.

To the bottom of the redirect, add:


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