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River Welland
The Wash
Holbeach River
A17 Fosdyke bridge
Five Towns Drain + Pumping Station
Risegate Eau
River Glen
Vernatt's Drain
Vernatt's Bridge Sluice
River Welland
A16 bridge
Coronation Channel
Fulney Lock, Marsh Road sluice
A151 Holbeach Road bridge
Cowbit Road sluice
New River
A16 bridges
Cowbit wash
Crowland Fodder Lots
B1166 Crowland
Former channel to South Ea
Crowland High Wash
Folly River
(limit of navigation)
Old course and Maxey Cut
Railway bridges
Deeping Low Lock
B1162 Deeping Gate bridge
Briggin's (Deeping High) Lock
B1524 Market Deeping bridge
Stamford Canal
Market Deeping mill
A15 bridges
Greatford Cut
(from River Glen)
Molecey's and Maxey mills
King Street (Roman road)
West Deeping and Lolham mills
Lolham railway bridge
Tallington Mill
Old course
5 locks
River Gwash
Hudd's Mill and ford
Stamford Canal
Stamford wharf
A16 St Martin's Bridge
Pumping Station to Rutland Water
A1 Road bridge
River Chater
Melton - Peterborough Railway bridge
A47 road bridge, Duddington
Welland Viaduct (Melton-Corby Rly)
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