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River Witham
Fossdyke Navigation
Brayford Pool
River Witham
 A57  bridge
Lincoln High Bridge or Glory Hole
Sincil Dyke
 A15  Lindum Road bridge
Stamp End Lock and sluice
Railway bridge
South Delph
Barlings Eau
Short Ferry Bridge
Old River Witham
Branston Delph
Bardney Lock
Old River Witham
Bardney Bridge
Nocton Delph and flood doors
Catchwater Drain and flood doors
Kirkstead Bridge
Timberland Delph and flood doors
Gibsons Cut, Horncastle Canal
Billinghay Skirth and flood doors
 A153  Tattershall Bridge
Horncastle Canal (abandoned)
and Dogdyke Marina
Kyme Eau and flood doors
Langrick Bridge
Anton's Gowt lock
Witham Navigable Drains
Railway bridge
Grand Sluice and sea lock
 A1137  bridge
(tidal below here)
 A16  bridge
Railway swing bridge
Black Sluice pumping station
South Forty-Foot Drain lock
Boston Docks
Maud Foster Drain
The Haven

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