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This template acts as a wrapper for {{lang}}, automatically specifying |rtl=yes and passing along any other parameters to the main template. It should only be used for specifying inline text which runs from right-to-left, such as Arabic or Hebrew. For entire paragraphs of right-to-left text, use {{rtl-para}} instead. See the main template's documentation for more information.


* The romanization of "{{rtl-lang|ar|اللغة العربية}}" is "{{transl|ar|ISO|''al-luġah al-‘arabiyyah''}}".
* The romanization of "{{rtl-lang|he|עברית}}" is "{{transl|he|ISO|''‘Ivrit''}}".
* '''Kazakh''' ({{lang|kk|Қазақ тілі}}; {{rtl-lang|kk-Arab|قازاق ڌﻳل}}) is a Turkic language ...
  • The romanization of "اللغة العربية‎" is "al-luġah al-‘arabiyyah".
  • The romanization of "עברית‎" is "‘Ivrit".
  • Kazakh (Қазақ тілі; قازاق ڌﻳل‎) is a Turkic language ...