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Infobox SCI case
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Common need
{{Infobox SCI case
|Litigants        =
|ArgueDate        =
|ArgueYear        =
|DecideDate       =
|DecideYear       =
|FullName         =
|USVol            =
|USPage           =
|Citation         =
|Prior            =
|Subsequent       =
|Holding          =
|SCOTUS           = YEAR-YEAR
|Majority         =
|JoinMajority     =
|Concurrence      =
|JoinConcurrence  =
|Concurrence2     =
|JoinConcurrence2 =
|Concurrence/Dissent     =
|JoinConcurrence/Dissent =
|Dissent          =
|JoinDissent      =
|Dissent2         =
|JoinDissent2     =
|LawsApplied      =
Uncommon need
  |Oral Argument=
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