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Hello SUG, welcome to Wikipedia!

To get you up and running very quickly, here are some links that will help you get started:

The help page, for which there is always a link in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of your screen, includes links to the above pages as well as to everything else you could possibly need to know about Wikipedia and how the Wikipedia community operates.

Here are some things that new users sometimes have trouble with, and you will soon find these tips useful:

  • When you write messages on talk pages, be sure to sign your name. You can do this using three tildes, like ~~~. If you use four, a datestamp is automatically added. Five provides the datestamp only.
  • Remember to check your work using the Show preview button before you save. This helps prevent mistakes (and the edits used to correct them). Thank you.
  • Here is information about what you can do with your User page.

I hope you enjoy your experience at Wikipedia and decide to stay. Sincerely, --Go for it!