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How to use this template?[edit]

Each line can be selected for each station, while hiding the others. To select the line write e.g. {{SWT Stations|Weymouth =y}}

  • Line codes:
  • Weymouth=y
  • Salisbury=y
  • Portsmouth Direct=y
  • Hampshire Locals=y
  • Romsey=y
  • Lymington=y
  • SWML Local=y
  • Alton=y
  • Windsor=y
  • Reading=y
  • Hounslow=y
  • Chessington=y
  • Epsom=y
  • Hampton Court=y
  • Woking=y
  • GuildfordN=y
  • Kingston=y
Add None in station articles for routes which are not relevant. e.g. where on the long distance SWML (Weymouth Line Services): to produce the box write {{SWT Stations|Weymouth =y|IL None=y|Suburban None=y}}
  • Main line None=y
  • Suburban None=y
  • IL None=y