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Legal status of same-sex unions
  1. When performed in Mexican states that have legalized same-sex marriage
  2. When performed in the Netherlands proper

* Not yet in effect

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Inclusion criteria

This template includes only countries with a final decision regarding same-sex unions for a full jurisdiction (country/territory/state). If individual registries or judges decide to allow marriages, those jurisdictions are not included here.

For example,

  • For England and Wales, we only included same-sex marriage after the bill received royal assent, i.e. it was signed by the Queen after being approved by the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Similarly, republics where an executive's signature (e.g., a president or governor's signature) is required, the jurisdiction will only be added after the official(s) signs.
  • When marriage has been legalized through a US court decision, we wait until either the supreme court in the jurisdiction affirms the decision, or a stay upon appeal of a lower court's ruling has been denied, or a temporary stay with a definite expiry date is issued.
  • In some US states, there is a waiting period after the governor has signed a bill into law during which citizens can gather sufficient signatures for a popular referendum (also known as a people's veto). In that case, we wait until the period has ended without a referendum being called.

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