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[[WP:CSD#{{{1}}}|CSD {{{1}}} ]]

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This template is designed to provide an easy way to provide a link to a certain criteria for speedy deletion on the Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion page.


Use this syntax to display a CSD link via the template:

  • {{csdl|CSD code (e.g. "G3")}}

Other functionality:

  • {{csdl|CSD code (e.g. "G3")|quick explanation (e.g. "vandalism")|Display text (e.g. "General 3")}}



Parameter Explanation
|1= The criterion "number/code". For example, "A7"
|2= A short explanation of what the CSD is, for example "vandalism" for G3. Not required
|3= The text to display in the piped link. For example, "G3 - vandalism", defaults to "CSD" + the value of parameter one. Not required