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(wp gwp g bwp b | eb 1911 co gct sw)

Templates to search Wikipedia

Search links

Search link templates provide a wikilink to a run a prepared query on a search engine. The link produces a fresh, search-results page. It can be a query on Wikipedia or on an external search engine.

  • {{search link}} – Prepare a fulltext Wikipedia query.
Example: {{search link|tosa diary|pages with the phrase "tosa diary"}}
pages with the phrase "tosa diary".
Example: {{template usage|Convert|pattern= [^0-9]3\{{!}}-\{{!}}|prefix = 0}}
hastemplate:"Convert" insource:/\{[Cc]onvert\|[^}]*[^0-9]3\|-\|/ prefix::

Search boxes

Search boxes are made by <inputbox> tags. See mw:Extension:InputBox.

Page title searches

  • {{in title}} – Search for pages whose name contains given words
  • {{look from}} – Search for pages whose name begins with a given word

For searches with exact matches, exact in upper and lower cases, or in punctuation marks, see Help:Searching#grep.

Other Wikipedia editor helper

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