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[self-published source?]

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This is an inline template used to flag facts in an article as being cited to self-published sources and thus potentially unreliable, per WP:Verifiability#Self-published sources (WP:Identifying reliable sources#Self-published sources and WP:Neutral point of view are also relevant, but the link to goes to that section at the Verifiability policy).

This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Accuracy disputes.

To flag citations themselves as being to such questionable sources, use Template:Self-published source, inside of <ref>...</ref>. For whole sections or articles, use Template:Self-published.

This template takes a compulsory parameter (which if not set by the editor will be set by a bot):

  • |date=date—in the format "Month Year" or "YYYY-MM-DD" etc.

If there is concrete proof that the source is self-published, you can use a parameter to remove the "?" from the template's output:

  • |certain=yes or |certain=y


  • Any hyphenation will work
  • {{Sps}}

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