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Professional MMA record for Sherdog from Sherdog

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This is a template to generate links to's Fight Finder. This template should be used exclusively for professional MMA fighters.

(This template heavily cribbed from {{imdb title}}. Thanks dudes! hateless 22:51, 25 August 2006 (UTC))


  1. Go to and search for the fighter you're looking for
  2. The page URL should look like, where "###" indicates a number.
  3. Copy ONLY that number
  4. add the number to the Wikidata item for the fighter, using P2818
  5. Add to the external links section the text:

Alternative method

  1. Add to the external links section the text:
{{Sherdog|id=###|name=XXX}}, where "###" is the number you've copied and "XXX" is the fighter's name.

Optionally, you can leave out name=XXX and the template will use the page's name for the name, i.e. {{Sherdog|id=###}}.


  1. Searching for first name "Randy" and last name "Couture", you'll get to this page:
  2. Copy "166" and then write:
{{Sherdog|id=166|name=Randy Couture}}

The result is Professional MMA record for Randy Couture from Sherdog

Note that, since this will almost certainly go on the external link section, you should add a * before the template text to include it as a list item.