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Professional MMA record for Sherdog from Sherdog

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This is a template to generate links to's Fight Finder. This template should be used exclusively for professional MMA fighters.


  1. Go to and search for the fighter you're looking for
  2. The page URL should look like, where "###" indicates a number.
  3. Copy ONLY that number
  4. add the number to the Wikidata item for the fighter, using P2818
  5. Add to the external links section the text:

Alternative method

  1. Add to the external links section the text:
{{Sherdog|id=###|name=XXX}}, where "###" is the number you've copied and "XXX" is the fighter's name.

Optionally, you can leave out name=XXX and the template will use the page's name for the name, i.e. {{Sherdog|id=###}}.


  1. Searching for first name "Randy" and last name "Couture", you'll get to this page:
  2. Copy "166" and then write:
{{Sherdog|id=166|name=Randy Couture}}

The result is Professional MMA record for Randy Couture from Sherdog

Note that, since this will almost certainly go on the external link section, you should add a * before the template text to include it as a list item.

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