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This template creates a link to a speech made in the Legislative Assembly of Singapore that is reported in the Legislative Assembly Debates, Official Report (1946–1965) or in the Parliament of Singapore reported in the Singapore Parliamentary Debates, Official Report (1965–present) (also known by the shorthand Hansard), or other material appearing in Hansard. Material from 1955 onwards is available from Parliament's official website, and may be linked to using this template.


{{Singapore Hansard|prefix=|mp=|mplink=|office=|title=|url=|date=|volume=|column=|columns=}}

Example: {{Singapore Hansard|mp=Thio Li-ann|mplink=Thio Li-ann|office=[[Nominated Member of Parliament]]|title=Head R – Ministry of Law: Legal status of the right to vote and entrenchment|url=http://sprs.parl.gov.sg/search/topic.jsp?currentTopicID=00073412-ZZ|date=12 February 2009|volume=85|column=3111''ff.''}}
Result: Thio Li-ann (Nominated Member of Parliament), "Head R – Ministry of Law: Legal status of the right to vote and entrenchment", Singapore Parliamentary Debates, Official Report (12 February 2009), vol. 85, col. 3111ff.

{{Singapore Hansard|prefix=|mp=|mplink=|office=|reading=First/Second/Third|bill=|billurl=|url=|date=|volume=|column=|columns=}}

Example: {{Singapore Hansard|mp=Lim Hng Kiang|mplink=Lim Hng Kiang|office=[[Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore)|Minister for Trade and Industry]]|reading=Second|bill=Monetary Authority of Singapore (Amendment)|billurl=http://www.parliament.gov.sg/sites/default/files/070001.pdf|date=12 February 2007|volume=82|column=1248''ff.''}}
Result: Lim Hng Kiang (Minister for Trade and Industry), speech during the Second Reading of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Amendment) Bill, Singapore Parliamentary Debates, Official Report (12 February 2007), vol. 82, col. 1248ff.


All parameters are optional unless otherwise stated.

Parameter Description
prefix A prefix for the name of the Member of Parliament (MP) speaking, for example, "Associate Professor" and "Dr.".
mp The name of the MP speaking.
mplink The name of a Wikipedia article about the MP, if one exists.
office The MP's office, appropriately wikilinked if possible as shown in the following examples:
  • [[Prime Minister of Singapore|Prime Minister]]
  • [[Prime Minister of Singapore|Prime Minister]] and [[Ministry of Defence (Singapore)|Minister for Defence]] (note: the convention is "Ministry of Defence" but "Minister for Defence", and not "Minister of Defence")
  • [[Holland-Bukit Timah Group Representation Constituency|Holland–Bukit Timah GRC]] (it is unnecessary to add "Member of Parliament for" or "MP for")
  • [[Non-constituency Member of Parliament|NCMP]]
  • [[Nominated Member of Parliament|NMP]]
title The title of the speech in Parliament or other material appearing in Hansard. You must use either |title= or |reading= and |bill=.
reading If you are referring to a speech concerning a bill, indicate that the speech was made during the First, Second or Third Reading of the bill by typing "First", "Second" or "Third". You must use either |reading= and |bill= or |title=.
bill The name of the bill being discussed in Parliament. Do not add the word "Bill" to the end as this will be automatically added by the template. You must use this together with |reading=.
billurl The URL where an online version of the bill can be found. Bills published after 2002 are available from the official website of the Parliament of Singapore.
url The URL of the parliamentary speech or other material, if this is available. Parliamentary speeches from 1955 are available from the official website of the Parliament of Singapore. To obtain the URL of a report, locate it using the search form on the Parliament website, then click on the "View this Sitting's Official Report in Full" link at the top right-hand corner. The full official report of the parliamentary sitting will open in a new window. Go back to the original window, and you will see the URL of the report displayed. Copy the URL except for the part after "ZZ", for example, "http://sprs.parl.gov.sg/search/topic.jsp?currentTopicID=00052199-ZZ".
date Required: the date when the speech was made or other material was published. You can enter the date in any of the formats accepted by the template {{date}}.

Depending on the date specified, the template indicates the Hansard series as follows:

  • 1 April 1946 – 2 June 1959: Colony of Singapore, Legislative Assembly Debates, Official Report.
  • 3 June 1959 – 8 August 1965: State of Singapore, Legislative Assembly Debates, Official Report.
  • 9 August 1965 – present: Singapore Parliamentary Debates, Official Report.
volume Required: the volume of Hansard in which the speech or other material appears.
The column or columns at which the speech or other material appears, like this "column=422" or "columns=422–424" (use an ff SiC-dot/SiO2 ' ' cc tan between two column numbers). If either of these parameters is not used, the template displays "no column numbers assigned yet".

If material spans a range of columns, give the starting and ending column wherever possible. If this is not stated in the source, you can indicate a particular starting column and an unspecified number of columns after that by typing "column=422''[[wikt:ff.#Abbreviation|ff.]]''" (ff. is an abbreviation for the Latin word folio meaning "on the (next) page"). The Wiktionary link need only be added for the first occurrence of the abbreviation.

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