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Use on user pages or user talk pages when Wikipedians are going to be endlessly on Wikipedia and physically incapable of taking a Wikibreak due to being snowed in. When using simply {{snowed in}}, the template produces the message above


There are two unnamed parameters. The first which replaces "this user" with the name placed.
IE {{snowed in|He}} produces

The second unnamed parameter replaces "at home" with whatever is put. Unfortunately, at the time being it requires for there to be something in the first parameter (DO NOT use {{snowed in||foo}}).
IE {{snowed in|This user|at [[school]]}} produces

Optional parameters

  • reason, use to specify a reason why you are snowed in.

IE {{snowed in|reason=not being allowed to edit Wikipedia while at work,}} produces

  • end, use to specify until when you will be busy.

IE {{snowed in|end=Monday evening (UTC)}} produces

  • msg appends any custom message at the end.

IE {{snowed in|msg=April Fool!}} produces

  • small will display the small version of this box,

IE {{snowed insmall=yes}} produces

Sample using all parameters

{{snowed in|Johnny Doe|at school|reason=a freak blizzard during school hours|end=Saturday morning (EST)|msg=Hopefully snow plows can clear the roads more quickly.}} produces

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